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Waasland-Beveren MWAD



For Waasland-Beveren, a Belgium pro league football team, we took their new website from development stage to the live stage.

Trimac bvba Website

Website Trimac BVBA

For Trimac bvba we reshaped their old website into a new modern and clean website to showcase their machines.

themasterclass.be mwad

The Masterclass

Website, Branding & Social Media Startup

Initiative of world class physiotherapists David Bombeke, Leen Van Damme and Frederik Adriaensens. The Masterclass offers courses for physiotherapists and invites speakers from all over the world to teach new courses.


Platex Planning

From Whiteboard to Webapplication

For Platex Bvba we developed a complete online shedulingsystem custom made and adapted to their workflow.



Recently we partnered with Commefort visual agency. For Commefort we do Freelance Bugfixing, Development and small adaptations to their clients' websites.


Cibel & Cebon

Through our partnership with Commefort we could developed a secured platform on both websites for Cibel and Cebon. On this platform they can securely share promotional material with their clients.



Through our partnership with Commefort we could develop the new page rev.fuel and make some small adaptations on the website of rev.training.


Joyce Heeman 
Make Up Artist

For Joyce Heeman, a starting entrepeneur, we created her first website to increase her online presence and reach.



A studentproject of AP College for the Facebook Global Digital Challenge. Outnumber is a campaign to stop hate on social media. We helped them develop their website.


Cedric Geerinck
Home Nursing

For Cedric Geerinck, a young entrepeneur, we could developed his website. With his website clients can now gather more information and contact him much easier.

MWAD Chris Power Gym Inschrijving

Chris Power Gym
New Registration

For Chris Power Gym we replaced their paper registration to a digital one. hebben we hun papieren inschrijvingsformulier omgezet naar de digitale tijd.
Clients can now register using the website and fill in their data and domiciliation credentials directly.



One of our own side projects.
With Bitcoinklas we want to help everyone handle bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by giving easy to understand dutch courses.


Pablo Catering

For Pablo Catering we could create a completely new website due to discontent of his former template based website. Here we worked fully custom made, listening to all the client's wishes.


Unique Performance

For Unique Performance we could make their first starting website over a year ago.


Social Media O'Tagine Restaurants

For O'tagine we manage all social media for their moroccan restaurant O'tagine, their 2 foodstands in Mercado, Baba Beirut and O'souk, and also of their newest restaurant, O'farine.


FC Gerda-Waasland

Football club in Belgium

MWAD UA Burgerpanel

Website Citizens Panel Doctoral Study University of Antwerp

For the M²P team of the University of Antwerp we are developing the new website to grow their citizens panel

MWAD under development

Webshop Foodstock

Foodshop for Pablo Catering